HISTORY : The main shareholders / administrators of La Maison Henri Deschamps, a commercial and industrial company more than a hundred years old, decided in 1998 to repatriate the funds which supplied the Company's social assistance fund to a foundation. also add their various individual social activities. The Lucienne Deschamps Foundation, named in memory of Mrs. Henri Deschamps, née Lucienne Boutin, as soon as it opened, established a partnership with other foundations having the same objectives. This new configuration corresponds better to the realities of the economic situation and to the spirit that animates the founding members, all direct descendants of Ms. Lucienne Deschamps who greatly contributed to the success of Maison Henri Deschamps alongside her husband. The Lucienne Deschamps Foundation is therefore a non-profit organization created in 1998, concretely involved in the sectors of education, sport, the arts and culture.


THE VISION OF THE FOUNDING MEMBERS OF THE FOUNDATION: To be the leader in the establishment of an education of excellence throughout the national territory, through the dissemination of quality education, the promotion of art, culture and sports, particularly in schools.


THE MISSION OF THE FOUNDATION: Improve the quality of education, improve the level of qualification of teachers, make quality education accessible to the most disadvantaged and disabled, establish and develop an environment conducive to the development of students to make them better citizens.


GOALS: The Lucienne Deschamps Foundation aims to contribute to the promotion and implementation of quality education in Haiti, Encourage Haitian culture, contribute to the promotion and practice of sport among young people, collect funds intended for support the development, implementation of programs and documents intended for school learning, awareness raising for civic education and literacy, the promotion of sportsmanship and the motivation of creation through the arts and culture.