Lucienne Deschamps humanitarian prize 2010

This prize honors personalities / institutions having, by their courage, their dedication, their abnegation, their work, their advice, and their time, contributed to helping and relieving the Haitian population after January 12, 2010, on a voluntary basis.
Group photo of all the recipients of the Lucienne Deschamps Foundation Humanitarian Prize 2010

The Board of Directors finally chose 8 recipients who received the "2010 Humanitarian Prize":

The Association of Private Hospitals of Haiti for all Haitian Private Hospitals which, despite the precariousness of resources, despite the poor infrastructure, faced with the means at hand the unthinkable, as well as the leaders administrative staff, medical staff, nursing staff, and small staff for the care given in extremely difficult conditions to the population after the earthquake.

The Haitian Medical Association for all the doctors, nurses and caregivers, for their dedication and abnegation towards the Haitian population on January 12, who for hours, for days, sometimes without sleep, always without rest, we saw them at work.

The Citizen Involvement Office (BIC) for their involvement and that of the countless anomymes in the many actions of organization and coordination of disaster relief on January 12.

Doctors Without Borders for their dedication and self-sacrifice. When disaster strikes they rush to the four corners of a borderless world. Swiss, German, Belgian, Spanish, French with one goal: to relieve the pain of others.

Dr Megan Coffee for her selflessness and dedication to the January 12 patients and tuberculosis patients at the HUEH Hospital since the earthquake, after leaving everything in the US to return to Haiti just after the earthquake. She had just graduated and gave up some great job offers to move to the HUEH where she cares for tuberculosis patients seven days a week on a voluntary basis.

Jimani Hospital for their spirit of solidarity, the welcome and care provided to our compatriots in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Medishare for their dedication and continuous support, for having, without any restrictions, put all their resources at the service of our population.

Radio Signal FM for their support, messages of hope to a population on their knees in the face of such a calamity, for their level of responsibility, for their responsible civic awareness, particularly in the hours following the earthquake.

Mr Sean Penn who left the comfort that his celebrity gives him to agree to share life in the tent with the destitute of fate. For his efforts, his daily struggle, his unconditional dedication to the refugees of the Camp du Pétion-Ville Club.

Also received the distinction "Honeur et Mérite" for the enormous work accomplished in particularly difficult circumstances, Radio Télévision Caraïbes.