From dream to reality - My dream team

  1. Use your imagination to conceptualize your dream team..
  2. Demonstrate your sense of organization to bring your ideas to life.
  3. Create a sporting event while mobilizing the different players in your community

These are the objectives of the Ekip Mevey competition initiated by Western Union and its local agents.

The Boisrond Tonnerre Institution (IBT), a winning school in the "Ekip Mevey la" competition, has achieved these objectives. On Sunday May 11, 2014, the IBT hosted the final of a soccer championship in Santo. They emerged victorious (5-3) against the SOS Village School.

Thanks to Western Union funding and management by the Lucienne Deschamps Foundation, the Boisrond Tonnerre Institution was able to strengthen its sports program by acquiring equipment for their football team and cheerleaders.

The school also benefits from thirty (30) touchscreen tablets with an internet connection for the exclusive use of students. In order to improve student learning, the tablets are equipped with RETEL software, an interactive teaching aid. Three (3) computers and an internet connection will be given to the school administration.